The one million euro question

Do you happen to know that, after the pandemic ends, which hotels will be the most popular amongst the 9 million members of the German, Swiss and Austrian trade unions?


The same hotels, as before the pandemic. The ones that offer discounts to trade union members. 

It′s that simple.


Trade Union Card

Please consider giving discounts to Trade Union Card holders on our website!

The International Trade Union Travel Card, which is helping to relaunch tourism after the Covid pandemic, serves a dual purpose:

1. It intends to provide the most favorable booking conditions for trade union members.

2. Helps hotels relaunch by providing them with direct contact with one of the most valuable target groups*, union members.

The card will be issued for the first time in the German-speaking countries In early Julius 2021.

* The 200 million union members, along with their family members, spend multiple hundreds of millions of nights a year in hotels. 

We believe that all hotels can only win by registering on our website and accepting the Trade Union Card.

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