Trade Union Card

To ease travel, the International Trade Union Travel Card will be issued at the same time as the " EU Digital COVID Certificate ", which will be introduced in Europe on the 1st of July 2021.

Trade union members together with their families spend many millions of nights around the world in hotels each year. (Trade unions in German-speaking areas have more than 8 million members.)

• The primary purpose of issuing a Trade Union Card is to enable members to book their rooms with the best possible terms on the website of the hotels accepting the card.

• The secondary purpose of issuing a Trade Union Card is to increase the number of direct bookings on the websites of hotels that accept the card. The Trade Union Card aims to create a future direct link between the 200 million global members of the trade unions and the hotels that accept the card.

If you would like that more union members book their rooms directly on your hotel's website, please register your hotel as a card-accepting hotel! The registration is free.

We look forward for your registration!

Best regards:
The Trade Union Card Team

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